Wheels on Speed

Get ready for a ride down in your memory lane in your wheels of speed. Embrace team bonding while exploring memories of eachother’s childhood days with Build a Bicycle challenge. The best part is yet to be unfolded – where you and your team will be gifting the best memories to the derserving ones! I would not miss this one for perfect team offsite!

Head Count

10 - 1000 Pax


Joy of Giving


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Teams are challenged to build a bicycle that is completely functional, which they will be tested on in a race. They are provided with nuts, bolts, screws, and balloons, but no manual. After the brainstorm, teams are expecting a climax; they are surprised by underprivileged people, where they will experience the joy of giving together.


As the teams battle it out in the legendary Wheels of Glory, the epic showdown results in a memory that lasts a lifetime. This activity is a metaphor for purpose with a passion that gets induced in teams at once. Teams also understand the big picture of their contribution to the workplace and how to approach unknown or new problems as teams. 

Learning Outcomes

corporate team building
Big Picture Thinking
team building games
corporate team building
Joy of Giving

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some popular indoor team building activities in Dubai?

There are exciting indoor team building activities in Dubai such as Wheels on Speed, Big Canvas Challenge, Gourmet Battle Royale, and many other creative Team bonding Workshops.

Q. How can indoor team building activities enhance collaboration and communication?

Engaging in indoor team building activities improves teamwork, fosters effective communication, and enhances collaboration among employees.

Q. What are the benefits of indoor team building activities for corporate groups?

Advantages of indoor team building activities, including improved employee morale, increased productivity, and strengthened relationships.

Q. How can indoor team building activities be customized to meet specific company objectives?

BoredroomX customizes indoor team building activities to align with your company's goals, values, and desired outcomes.

Q. What types of indoor team building activities are suitable for large corporate groups?

Indoor team building activities like Knock on Effect, Architects of Legopolis, The Tallest Tower and a lot more interactive workshops, and collaborative problem-solving exercises that are ideal for large corporate groups.

Q.How can indoor team building activities promote employee engagement and motivation?

Indoor team building activities boost employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction, leading to a positive work environment.

Q. What role do indoor team building activities play in developing leadership skills?

Indoor team building activities help develop leadership qualities such as decision-making, problem-solving, and effective delegation.

Q.How can indoor team building activities improve employee well-being?

Indoor team building activities contribute to employee well-being by reducing stress, fostering a positive work-life balance, and promoting a healthy work environment.

Q. How can BoredroomX assist in planning and executing successful indoor team building events?

BoredroomX's expertise in indoor team building events can help you plan and execute memorable experiences that cater to your unique requirements and objectives.

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Having had the chance to organize a desert event with Boredroom has been a day to remember for BAT. With the attention to details, accommodation, and promptness, Boredroom team has exceeded my expectations with their professionalism and enthusiasm. Looking forward to plenty of team building events together!

Dana El Khatib

Corporate Finance Analyst @ British American Tobacco

Thank you for offering creative solutions based on the theme provided. Your capacity to collaborate with the audience, listen to them and engage them actively has always been excellent.

Angie Arora

Talent Management Lead @ Amazon

Bringing an electrifying energy that jolted up our spirits, Team BoredroomX had an unmissable presence at our Category Away Day - through their engaging Team Building Activities they left us wanting for more of such exciting experiences by the end of the event. Definitely one of the most memorable highlights of our day. Thank you BoredroomX Team for your passion!

Pooja Baburaj

Assistant Brand Manager at Unilever

On behalf of team WingsWay, I extend our gratitude for the outstanding team-building event you hosted for us. Your efforts created an atmosphere filled with energy and enthusiasm, which left a lasting impression on each of us. The activities were not only engaging but also effectively fostered collaboration and strengthened our bond as a team. Your meticulous planning, thoughtful organization, and charismatic hosting truly made this event a success. Glad to recommend your services to others.

Shakir Kantawala


Working with BoredroomX was an absolute delight and an experience worth valuing. The professional approach of the team from the moment we engaged and your services until the successful conclusion of our event, displayed exceptional professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. The team demonstrated their expertise by meticulously planning every aspect of our event, ensuring that no stone was left unturned. They took the time to understand our vision and goals, and then seamlessly transformed them into a memorable reality. Thanks a lot, BoredroomX Team!

Yasir Rizvi

Founder Head of Procurement @ Property Finder

The change in energy and vibes was amazing. it is indeed a team building. They truly stood up to the expectations and what we wanted to achieve from the session.

Mohammed Karrani

Head Group Engineering Projects @ enoc

It was fun, collaborative, creative and innovative and the leadership team have truly enjoyed it. Even putting up the video last minute was great and a nice touch added to the team and we truly appreciate your proactiveness. Looking forward to many more collaborations with your team


Group HR Director @ Kids First Group

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